Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Need to Look Cuter?
What? Is that what you thought? We meant YOU make our tees Look Cuter! (We are obviously kidding. Our tees can’t possibly get any cuter).

So, tell me about these shirts. What are they made of?

Our premium tees are the perfect tri-blend shirt for both guys and girls. Made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, these are the softest shirts you will ever feel. The material is light-weight and breathable, and the cut drapes comfortably for a perfect fit every time. Put one on and you’ll never want to take it off.

Our tri-blend tanks are a lot like our premium tees, minus the sleeves. They have the same super-soft, breathable feel and amazing fit. Whether you wear them to the gym or out on the town, you’ll make heads turn with your rockin’ style.

Our racerback tanks are specially designed for ladies. Made with 52% cotton and 48% polyester, these shirts give the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The cut is made to hug your body in all the right places without feeling too tight. Your mirror will thank you later.

Are all of your shirts screen printed?

Yes. (Hmm, feels like we should say something clever here. We will get back to you on that.)

Do the shirts shrink?
Even though our tees share their chemical make-up with your awesome sauce, they still act like 100% cotton when you wash them. We can’t pre-shrink amazing, so you do need to watch what setting you use on your machine. We recommend turning your Look Cuter tee inside out and using a cool or cold water setting.

Line-drying your tee will cause minimal shrinkage

Low heat will cause some shrinkage (approximately half a size)

Raging Inferno = buy a new tee

Do your shirts run large or small?
They actually don’t run at all - they are just shirts. But if you want to know how they fit, they are like an angel gently cradling your body while singing you a lullaby. More specifically:

Premium Tee: This is the standard unisex fit that you’d expect. In addition to being unbelievably soft, this shirt is slightly longer to make sure it covers everything you want to keep hidden from the world.

Tri-blend Tank: The fit of our tanks is very similar to that of our premium tee, just don’t expect it to have any sleeves or you’ll be disappointed.

Racerback Tank: This performance cut is specially designed for our customers with lady parts.

Can I get a shirt in another color?
We carefully selected the color of each t-shirt to match the design, so we only offer one color per shirt for now; however, if you feel that a different color would be a better match for our designs, please send us an e-mail in our contact us section. We can’t promise that we will release your favorite tee in a new color, but we CAN promise that we will tape all of the e-mails we receive to our creative director’s office wall so that she gets the message. She loves it when we do that...

You don’t have my size!! Can I custom order one?
For now, no, but we are expanding daily and may release new sizes soon! While you are waiting, you should check out our hilariously amazing and informative blog to pass the time…it will probably change your life or kill at least 15 minutes.


Should I buy a shirt from Look Cuter?
Is this even a question?

How does this whole pre-order process work?
It’s like going to a concert. Your favorite boy-band announces they are coming to town and tickets are on sale…NOW! You rush online to reserve your spot, and when you finally get to the stadium, you sail past all of the people wrapped around the building, queued up in hopes of sitting in the nose-bleed section for twice the price you paid for 5th row center. Just like that, if you preorder a Look Cuter shirt, not only does it offer you a lower price, but it also GUARANTEES that you will receive your shirt from the newest batch of freshly printed tees. Yum.

How long does it take new designs to arrive?
Pre-orders generally take an additional 1-2 weeks to arrive. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so when you preorder a tee that you just “like,” you know you will LOVE your new shirt when it arrives.

Only one shirt in my order was a new design, where's the rest of my stuff?
Here we go again, being thoughtful and stuff...since we don't want to have to charge you for shipping twice, all products in an order are lumped together to be shipped at once. If you ordered other shirts alongside the new design, you will receive them all together in one nice compact package like a little happy family.

The shirt I want is out of stock. Now what?
You have a couple of choices here. First, you can go ahead and send us an e-mail through our contact form if there is a shirt you would like to see reprinted. We do reprints every month, so, if we get enough interest in a shirt, we will bring it back. Alternatively, you can also start an online petition, inciting an international revolution. We promise, if you get 20,000 signatures (or even just an endorsement from George Takei), we will not only reinstate the design, we will send you your t-shirt for free. Well, maybe half-price...

I purchased a Last Chance/Limited Time shirt and it's taking forever to arrive. What's up with that?
Remember when your mom would say this is your last chance? And then you would do whatever you weren’t supposed to anyway? There’s probably a correlation here. When you place a “Last Chance” order, sometimes we have to be the cheeky monkey you once were. Last chance shirts are in low stock and high demand. In some cases, due to discovering defective shirts, we may not be able to fulfill every last chance item in your order and will promptly inform you if this is the case. If we can't send your last chance shirt, you can either get a refund or any other shirt from our entire catalog in exchange! Yep, any shirt...that’s a pretty great deal, don’t ya’ think?

Why do larger sizes cost a dollar extra?
We asked our boss this question and he replied: “Larger sizes actually cost us an average of $2 extra per shirt, but I don't want to make them prohibitively expensive.” Since we make fun of the way he talks all the time, we thought we would give you his exact answer so that you can make fun of him too.  

I checked my order on your website and it says "fulfilled." I still haven't received my package though! What's that all about?
Have you ever felt truly fulfilled? You know, that feeling that comes when every area of your life was absolutely perfect? Yeah, we haven’t either. Even if you are standing on top of a mountain, watching the sunrise with your favorite person in the world, there is a chance that instead of embracing 100% fulfillment, you instead start thinking, ‘Mmm did I pay the electric bill before we left on this awesome and fulfilling vacation? I hope my company isn’t still downsizing. Has my Last Chance Look Cuter tee arrived yet? I hope my neighbor is collecting the mail.’ As these thoughts keep running through your mind while you gaze across the peaceful valley, another thought enters your mind: What comes up must go down - you now have to climb back down the treacherous mountain. Any chance you had of reaching full contentment is now shattered by the thought of the family of yaks you angered on your way up that are just waiting for you to pass them on your descent…
By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with your question: Well, fulfillment doesn’t necessarily mean 100% complete (think angry yaks). When we flag an order as fulfilled, it means that your payment has been accepted and your order was successfully transferred to our shipping center. After a bit of shuffling within our super shirt headquarters, we will send you an email to the address you provided with a confirmation that your package was sent out. You will also see a tracking number within that email regarding your order. Once you receive your order, you will finally know what it is to be 100% fulfilled. And you didn’t even have to climb a mountain.

I'm putting in a big order and it won't let me check out! What's going on?
If you are unable to check-out after a big order, this means that you have just become our favorite customer of the day! Oh ok, you can be fav customer of the week. And how were you selected for this huge honor? You probably exceeded our 10 pound shipping limit (about 25 shirts). At that amount, you qualify for wholesale rates and would need to contact us via our contact form. Or just split your order in half.

Do you accept returns?
In the very, and by very we mean extremely, off-chance that you are unhappy with your tee, you are welcome to return or exchange them as long as they are in unwashed, unworn condition. To make a return or exchange, hand your t-shirt to the Look Cuter worker bee that just drove all night through a storm to your house. Actually, it will be a lot faster if you print and complete our handy-dandy Returns and Exchanges form and send it in along with your tee. Once we receive the old shirts, we will issue a refund or send the corrected order post-haste.

What is your exchange policy?
You obviously weren’t paying attention because we already answered this in the previous question. Shame on you.

Oh no! I ordered the wrong size and put in my old address! What can I do?!
Well it’s a good thing you are cute, honey. Just kidding - sort of. Go ahead and contact us immediately through our contact us section if any part of your order is wrong, and we'll get right on it! We can't guarantee we’ll fix the mistake before the order is shipped out as many of our orders are processed for shipment within minutes of receiving them. However, we will work diligently to correct the information and get you looking cuter as soon as possible.

I emailed you! Why haven't you responded yet?
Just because we don’t answer immediately doesn’t mean we don’t love you. We promise, we are not going through a break-up. We just need a little space...oh, mistext. Sorry. Back to you, beloved customer: Our customer service team works from 9 AM – 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday, and responds to emails in the order received. We promise we’re working as hard as we can to get back to you as quickly as possible.


I've placed multiple orders recently, can I combine them into one package?
As easy as that sounds, depending on the season, our monkeys…err, valued employees might be swamped and unable to fulfill this request. In order to ensure that each t-shirt purchase is packed accurately, sometimes we need to expedite orders as they are received. However, if it is a slow Tuesday in…let’s say, February, a rogue bee would be more than happy to find your multiple orders and package them in one box. As long as this request is not between Black Friday and the following Thanksgiving, we promise we’ll at least try.

I ordered a shirt from you guys at a convention and it hasn’t arrived yet. How long will it take?
We do conventions old-style, like the Wild West. Back then, if you wanted western wash-maker double-breasted paisley vest, our Look Cuter garment ancestor took the order by hand and then placed it on a stagecoach where it braved the elements and most wanted fugitives roaming the prairie for pony express coaches to rob. We don’t completely emulate the past - for example, we sell nothing that is double breasted. We also don’t use the pony express for any of our shipping needs and the elements usually do not spoil our products as they are packed in mostly weatherproof poly mailers. We do, however, take orders by hand at conventions so they can take up to 2 weeks to process into our system. Once that happens, you will receive a shipping notification in your email. After that, it’s just a matter of shipping time.

How long until my shirt arrives?
Processing times may vary for orders. Most orders will ship out within 2-3 business days, but orders placed during busy times (think big sales and holidays) can take up to 7 business days to ship out. After that, it’s just shipping times, which are usually 3-5 business days. So what does that add up to? We’re not sure, we don’t do math we just design shirts. You’ll probably get it soon though.


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